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Principal's Message

COVID-19 Updates

Below you will find information about how to receive help with technology and how to contact teachers through Webex, phone calls, and/or email.  We are doing all that we can to keep families up-to-date and informed.  Thank you for understanding and help during these
unprecedented times.  

 Technology Updates

At this time, all School District of Pickens County schools are closed; this includes Central Academy of the Arts.  Families picked up student materials/educational packets on Thursday, March 19, 2020.  Currently, our students are participating in eLearning.  Below is helpful technology information for our parents and families during our school closure.

Technology Help:

If your child is having a problem with his/her Chromebook, please
click here for Chromebook troubleshooting tips. 

If you’re still having problems, please submit a “Chromebook Help Desk Ticket” by clicking here.  You will need to answer a few questions, supply an email address, and one of our Tech Team members will respond to you as soon as possible.  Our Tech Team is made up of Mrs. Shirley and Mrs. Donald.  Their work hours and contact information is as follows:

Mrs. Shirley:

E-mail address:  hopeshirley@pickens.k12.sc.us

Phone number:   (864) 372-9891

Webex address:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/hopeshirley

Office Work Days/Hours:  Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 9:00-11:00 AM

Note:  Mrs. Shirley will be online and available during the week; if needed.

Mrs. Donald:

E-mail address:  shannondonald@pickens.k12.sc.us

Phone number: (864) 397-0215

Webex address:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/shannondonald

Office Work Days/Hours:  Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00-11:00 AM

Note:  Mrs. Donald will be online and available during the week; if needed.

Teacher contact information

Below are Webex addresses and phone numbers for all teachers and leadership at Central Academy of the Arts.
  If you need email addresses for any of the people listed below, please click here. 

Note:  Due to school closures, you will only be able to leave a voicemail when calling the numbers listed below.  However, all voicemails go directly to emails.  Therefore, your phone call will be returned as soon as possible.


Jessica Carroll:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/jessicacarroll

Phone number:  (864) 397-1447



Connie Avery:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/connieavery

Phone number:  (864) 397-1433

Connie Freeze:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/conniefreeze

Phone number:  (864) 397-1424

Lisa Patterson:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/lisapatterson

Phone number:  (864) 397-1446


1st Grade:

Lisa Alexander:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/lisaalexander

Phone number:  (864) 397-1445

Jill Keeran:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/jillkeeran

Phone number:  (864) 397-1443

Kim Wood:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/kimwood

Phone number:  (864) 397-1444


2nd Grade:

Allison Bogan:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/allisonbogan

Phone number:  (864) 397-1435

Morgan Smith:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/morgansmith

Phone number:  (864) 397-1441

Elizabeth Stephens:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/elizabethstephens

Phone number:  (864) 397-1431


3rd Grade:

Sharon Durham:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/sharondurham

Phone number:  (864) 397-1453

Susan Moore:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/susanmoore

Phone number:  (864) 397-1454

Trina Stephens:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/trinastephens

Phone number:  (864) 397-1422


4th Grade:

Brittany Burris:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/brittanyburris

Phone number:  (864) 397-1421

Tami Fields:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/tamilafields

Phone number:  (864) 397-1420

Kevin Stinehart:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/kevinstinehart

Phone number:  (864) 397-1418


5th Grade:

Amy Bodie:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/amybodie

Phone number:  (864) 397-1456

Amy Kelley:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/amykelley

Phone number:  (864) 397-1428

Andy Rodgers:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/andyrodgers

Phone number:  (864) 397-1429


Special Services:

Allison Whiten:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/allisondurham

Phone number:  (864) 397-1442

Mary Elizabeth Owens:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/maryowens

Phone number:  (864) 397-1439

Patty Moody:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/pattymoody

Phone number:  (864) 397-1437

(Speech) Andrea Manz:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/andreamanz

Phone number:  (864) 397-1432


Reading Help:

Patti Williams:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/pattiwilliams

Phone number:  (864) 397-1437

Beth McCracken:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/bethmccracken

Phone number:  (864) 397-1436


Math Help:

Karen Barton:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/karenbarton

Phone number:  (864) 397-1438


ESOL Services:

Dawn Bright:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/dawnbright

Phone number:  (864) 397-1438


GT Services:

Jennie Patterson:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/jenniepatterson

Phone number:  (864) 397-1425


Related Arts:

(Art)  Briana Dunbar:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/brianadunbar 

Phone number:  (864) 397-1449

(Dance) Tiffany Moss:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/tiffanymoss

Phone number:  (864) 397-1427

(Music) Hannah Chapman:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/hannahchapman

Phone number:  (864) 397-1448

(PE) Mindy Bolin:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/mindybolin

Phone number:  (864) 397-1426


Instructional Coach:

Fonda DuPre:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/fondadupre

Phone number:  (864) 397-1415



Tim Phelps:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/timphelps

Phone number:  (864) 397-1404


Family Liaison

Cindy Burgess: 

Phone number:  (864) 397-1455



Ashley Nations

Phone number:  (864) 397-1407



Brandi Roberts:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/brandiroberts

Phone number:  (864) 397-1411

Ashleigh Cobey:  https://pickens.webex.com/meet/ashleighcobey

Phone number:  (864) 397-1415

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