Central Academy of the Arts
Faculty and Staff


Administration & Office Staff

Mrs. Tish Goode, Principal

Mrs. Brandi Roberts, Asst. Principal/PBIS

Mr. Tim Phelphs, Guidance Counselor

Mrs. Lynn Mullikin, Secretary/Bookkeeper

Mrs. Kim Keaseler, Data Entry

Ms. Ashley Nations, Nurse


Mrs. Lisa Cheek, 4K Teacher

Ms. Christy Oliver, 4K Assistant

Mrs. Connie Avery, 5K Teacher

Mrs. Stella Caudill, 5K Assistant

Mrs. Connie Freeze, 5K Teacher

Mrs. Lisa Keyes, 5K Assistant

First Grade

Ms. Lisa Alexander

Mrs. Jill Keeran

Mrs. Donna Williams

Second Grade

Mrs. Allison Bogan

Mrs. Elizabeth Stephens

Mr. Morgan Smith


Third Grade

Mrs. Susan Moore

Mrs. Trina Stephens

Fourth Grade

Ms. Kelli Erickson

Mrs. Tami Fields

Mrs. Hope Shirley

Fifth Grade

Ms. Amy Bodie

Mr. Andy Rodgers


Related Arts

Mrs. Mindy Bolin, PE

Mrs. Mitzi Green, Technology Assistant

Mrs. Kathy McCants, Media Specialist

Mrs. Rena Surface, Art

Mr. Jason Blalock, Art

Mrs. Kim Beavers, Music

Special Education/Services

Mrs. Ashley Guffee, ESOL

Mrs. Dawn Bright, ESOL

Ms. Jennie Patterson, Gifted/Talented

Dr. Elaine Newberry, Resource

Ms. Sam Williams, Resource Assistant

Mrs. Laurel Mitchell, Resource

Mrs. Anna Benson, Speech

Mrs. Cindy Burgess, Family Liaison

Cathy Olker, Vision Itinerant

Hope Lewin, Vision Itinerant Support

Reading Recovery / Title I Reading Interventionist

Mrs. Beth McCracken

Instructional Services

Mrs. Ashleigh Cobey, Title I Curriculum Specialist

Ms. Patti Williams, Reaching Coach

Mrs. Karen Barton, Title I Math Interventionist

Custodial Staff

Mrs. Kimberly Richards, Plant Engineer

Mr. Petey Fuller

Mrs. Janice Phillips

Food Service Staff

Mrs. Kim Wilson, Food Service Manager

Ms. Christal Nicholson

Mrs. Janice Posey

Mrs. Diane Youngblood

Ms. Monique Davis