Parenting Center

Did you know that we have a Parent Resource Room at Central Elementary?  We are here to help you with your child’s school needs.  If your 4Ker is having trouble tying his or her shoes, we can help!  If your 3rd grader can’t memorize his or her multiplication facts, we can help!  Whatever the need, we want to help!  Schedule a time to come in and meet with our Title I Curriculum Specialist, Mrs. Cobey.  Her contact information is, (864)397-1400, or send her a message through our school Facebook page.  We hope all of our parents will take advantage of this wonderful opportunity.

Note:  Parents are encouraged to take advantage of our Parenting Resource Room.  This room is full of various resources on parenting skills, helping students with their homework, becoming involved in the school, and building relationships with their children. Resources are available in English and Spanish.