Green Steps


Central Elementary is a Green Steps School. A Green Steps School is an environmental education initiative that recognizes schools in South Carolina who take annual sustainable steps toward becoming more environmentally responsible. Our students have “Turned Up The Green” with a series of projects. The goal of the Green Steps Program is to encourage individual schools to take annual steps toward becoming more environmentally responsible.


Our students started designing and building vegetable and flower garden sites in 2012 and continue to maintain each year.

1st set of pictures-Designing one of the areas at school.

School Garden Design – Before, During and After Photo
before.jpg before2.jpg after.jpg

Garden Pictures
image[1].jpeg image[2]-1.jpeg

Students informing parents and signs. The goal at Central Elementary is to improve the air quality around our school by participating in the SCDHEC B2 Breathe Better Program.

BDE26A92-9664-4F5E-8654-6E055E56E524.jpg BDE26A92-9664-4F5E-8654-6E055E56E524.jpg IMG_0543.jpg

Students working on projects to restore habitats.
IMG_0497-1.jpg IMG_0497-1.jpg IMG_0354.jpg

Students maintaining reading garden that was started by Bonnie Forbes.
image.jpeg     IMG_0514.jpg

Mr. Rodgers and his class working in the vegetable garden.